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Elevate your shopping experience at One Galle Face

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Spend a qualifying amount at Participating Retailers, convert your points to E-vouchers and get exclusive member rewards. Terms and Conditions Apply.

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Participating Retailers

Over 250 Participating Retailers ranging from Fashion, Food and Beverages, Entertainment, Beauty, Technology and many more. Come shop at One Galle Face Mall and be rewarded!

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What’s New

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What is the One Galle Face rewards programme?

One Galle Face Rewards Programme is a seamless, card-less rewards programme with no membership fee. We reward you with points on top of all other rewards on your everyday spend when you make purchases at participating retailers at One Galle Face Mall. Points are awarded when the member makes a qualifying spend with the stores.

The points accumulated in this programme can be used to exchange for One Galle Face e-voucher and other exclusive lifestyle and parking privileges in the rewards programme mobile application. 

Who can sign up?

Residents in Sri Lanka aged 18 or above.

To sign up, you must possess a valid Sri Lanka mobile number.

 Membership is not extended to minors, corporations or other legal entities.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up via the One Galle Face mobile application (Google Play Store or Apple App store) or via the website (https://rewards.onegalleface.com)

How long does it take for the membership to be activated?

Activation of the membership is immediate upon completion of application via the mobile application or the programme website.

Is there a membership fee?

There is no membership fee. However, member needs to have at least 2 transactions (minimum Rs.1000 spent per receipt per transaction) in one calendar year. We may charge an annual fee for Membership at such rate and to be paid in such manner as we may determine, in our sole discretion. One Galle Face Rewards Programme reserves the right to review the participating fee.

Is the membership transferable?

No, the membership is non-transferable.

How do I earn points?

A minimum spending of Rs.1000 at the participating retailer in One Galle Face Mall is required to earn 50 One Galle Face Points. The same minimum spending of Rs.1000 spent in the supermarket category of Participating Retailers will earn you 20 points.

Members can accumulate up to 5000 One Galle Face Points a day.

Points are awarded or credited on the same day of purchase at the Participating Retailers. Qualifying receipts can be submitted at the Concierge counter no later than the next day of purchase as of receipt date to be eligible for points. Please check the Concierge counter for operating hours.

Points will be credited into your wallet within the One Galle Face App. Your wallet holds your points and e-vouchers from One Galle Face.

What are the transactions that are not valid for points?

1. Transactions at Bank, ATM, Money Changer, Financial Services and Insurance Services
2. Purchase of Vouchers, Gift Cards, Stored Value Cards
3. Top up transactions for Gift Cards and Stored Value Cards
4. Payment of Utilities and Telecom bills
5. Sales by Temporary retailers (Pop-up stores or at event spaces)
6. Medical and Dental Services
7. Purchase of alcohol at wine retailers
8. All parking charges
9. Online purchases
10. Hotel-related room, dining, spa, facilities or convention packages charges.

Parking fees payment

  1. The car park E-Voucher redemption and mobile application payment are only applicable for One Galle Face Rewards Programme members.
  2. The parking fees payable in the One Galle Face mobile application excludes charges incurred for Shangri-La Hotel Colombo valet services.
  3. Please ensure that the parking fees payment transaction has been completed on the One Galle Face mobile application before leaving the Wi-Fi enabled or mobile data zones.
  4. Please exit the car park within the 15-minutes grace period after the parking fees payment is completed.
  5. Credit and debit card payments are supported (Visa / Master / Amex).
  6. Multiple car park E-vouchers can be used to pay parking fees in the One Galle Face mobile application.
  7. Each car park E-voucher value must be fully utilized to the value indicated. If the value is not fully utilized, the balance will not be refunded.
  8. Unutilized car park E-vouchers will be forfeited upon expiry.
  9. For disputes regarding the total amount of parking fees, please always refer back to the parking system records.

Adding of vehicles to member's profile for parking fees payment

  1. Only allow 1 vehicle can be added to each member profile in the One Galle Face mobile application.
  2. If the vehicle has been added to a member’s profile, an in-app approval notification will be sent to that member when you are adding the same vehicle number in your profile. You will not be able to pay for the car park fees for that vehicle on the mobile application until that member has approved your registration and you receive an in-app notification message.

Cancellation of my membership?

Please email us at rewards@onegalleface.com for further assistance.